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This web site is my contribution to the disorder and chaos which is present all around us. I really wouldn't have it any other way. Too many people try to make the world a clean and tidy place. That was never my style. I just can't resist challenging the norms of our society. I have made some big mistakes along the way. But if you can't see all the choices that life presents, well ... you'll just make the same mistakes everyone else does, possibly without even knowing there is another way. Experience all that life has to offer. We will all be collecting dust soon enough. Why start early?

I urge you to leave your mark on my page by taking a minute to sign the guestbook , but I understand if you would rather just take a look .

[Picture of Dave] Normally there are several webcams that watch over me, but most of the time at least one of them will be offline. Things go wrong, eventually I get around to fixing them. Just be patient (or be impatient and email me, I might just get to it sooner). Feel free to check out my streaming feed from home or during business hours my semi-static workcam.

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