Now You Can Strike It Rich Using Al Capone's Lottery-Busting Secret Revealed in Deathbed Confession

Dear Friend,

I am about to reveal a closely guarded secret so powerful it can change your life forever.

If you have ever played a lottery or numbers game, dreaming of a jackpot win ... you can stop dreaming and start winning.

How? With a winning numbers system so incredible, it was kept secret for almost 60 years under the threat of death.

Only one man in this country knew more about lottery and numbers games than anyone else alive. That man? Al Capone!

While Capone was best known for running booze during Prohibition, it was his unchallenged control of the numbers business (Chicago-style lottery) that his multi-million dollar empire was built upon.

Ironically, Capone insisted upon running a legitimate game. No cheating. No fixing of numbers was tolerated. Anyone caught stealing was dealt with swiftly by Capone's henchmen.

The funny thing was, Capone himself was a daily lottery player. And, just like you and I, he liked to win.

Of course, Al Capone already knew the inner-workings of lottery games. After all, he ran one of the nation's biggest.

But to protect his financial empire, he hired the best-known experts available to study the game. His purpose? He wanted to know if the game could be beaten. What he discovered changed the way he ran his business.

Capone controlled the entire Chicago numbers game racket for many years. It was a "racket" only because no one else really understood it. This knowledge was Capone's most closely guarded secret.

Now this awesome secret can be yours. With it, you can win any lottery, anywhere in the world. And anyone can use it, even if they've never played a numbers or lottery game before.

Like Capone, you can win big! But with one major difference: Your winnings will be yours to enjoy -- legally.

Here's how I came to have this amazing, wealth-building secret.

A man on his deathbed whispered the secret he carried for a lifetime

I have a longtime friend who is in his 70s now. His name is Joe (but I won't reveal his last name for reasons that will become obvious). Today, as you read this, Joe suffers from an incurable illness. The end is not far away.

But one day not too long ago, he dropped a bombshell on me, revealing an amazing, powerful secret ... and how he came to possess it.

In the early 1930's, Joe was a youth living in Chicago. It was during the Great Depression and times were really tough. To help his struggling family, he had to work as a numbers runner.

He remembered the man he worked for had a boss. He was a big, powerful man who wore the most expensive clothing, rode in the fanciest car, was surrounded by wealth, famous people and beautiful women.

One day my friend was told to deliver a package to this man. While waiting to get this man's attention, he accidentally overheard a confidential conversation.

Later, he learned that the man was Al Capone.

Capone had just been convicted of income tax evasion and was going to jail for a long, long time. But before he did, he passed along the lottery secret to his key men. When Capone finished, he looked across the room and saw Joe.

As Capone walked across the room, my friend knew he was in big trouble. Capone leaned over to Joe, looked into his eyes and said, "Kid, if you ever repeat what you've just heard ... you'll never hear anything again."

Imagine my friend trembling. He had a secret worth a million dollars, but he couldn't use it. He left Chicago, never to return.

The secret was at last his alone

Needless to say, Joe never breathed a word of what he heard. Not a word for more than 60 years. He dreamed about it. He dreamed about becoming rich from the secret. He dreamed about all those millions of dollars.

But long after Capone was gone, a handful of his associates remained who also knew the secret. They posed a threat to anyone who even tried to use the system.

Finally, last year, Sam "The Butcher" died. Sam was the last of Capone's inner circle of men who knew the secret.

At last, Joe -- now 71-years-old -- could safely use Capone to get rich. And the best numbers game around were state lotteries. Lotteries with gigantic, multi-million dollar jackpots!

But, as fate would have it, before he could even enter his first lottery, he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, nearly dead. He did survive, but the prognosis was not good.

How I came to possess Capone's lottery secret

Joe has spent the last two years in and out of hospitals searching for a cure to his deadly illness. Finally, he was told there was nothing more anyone could do.

He and I have known each other for many years. We share a tremendous friendship ... a sense of trust. Still, I never knew his incredible secret -- or his meeting with Capone -- until now.

As he got weaker from the effort of talking, he also got more urgent. He motioned me closer and asked if he could reveal the secret to me. I agreed.

I'll tell YOU Capone's secret to winning lotteries but only because I have to

Before Joe told me his secret -- a wealth-building formula Capone would do anything to protect -- he made me take a vow.

I promised to make this lottery-busting system available to anyone who needed money and would benefit from getting rich.

You see, Joe was poor all his life. And since he couldn't use the secret himself, he wanted at the very least to help others live a better life.

Capone's secret to lottery riches can be yours

Let me stress that this is Al Capone's personal knowledge, insight and information acquired through the years of running the Chicago numbers game. What Capone knew has never been revealed before. It is only available through this limited-time offer.

Can you imagine the thrill of knowing you could win millions? Wouldn't you like to impress others with your own million dollar jackpot, or more? Here's your chance to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime ... the adventure of winning!

Just one more thing. No special skill or experience is required to win enormous sums of money. This incredible system works for anyone who possesses it, and it works anywhere in the world.

Here's my once-in-a-lifetime offer

I have been offered thousands for Capone's complete secret on how you can win any lottery anywhere. It is an actual transcript of my friend's deathbed confession. It contains everything you'll ever need or want to know about playing lotteries.

Once the secret is yours, you can use it yourself and you can use it to help friends and family members win too. You can even help strangers beat the lottery. Of course, you'll charge them a fee for your services.

The secret is presented in a handsomely-bound format for safekeeping. If you knew what I know, you'd agree that this knowledge is worth any amount I might ask.

The only problem is YOU CAN'T BUY IT. I WON'T SELL IT TO ANYONE.

You see, my friend wasn't satisfied.

So we found a was to make it available to everyone.

The idea is simple enough. It wouldn't make sense for you to buy the secret, no matter what the price, until you've actually tested it for yourself.

I'll use the secret to generate your own private and confidential winning numbers. You will use these numbers to play any lottery or numbers game you choose.

Here's my offer

I'll rush your exclusive numbers to use in any lottery to get rich overnight. These numbers are yours for only $15. It's not as exciting as having the complete secret ... but it does let you tap its money-making power.

Enjoy your private lottery numbers for 90 days. Then write and tell me how many lotteries you have won ... tell me how much money you have earned ... and, I will send you Al Capone's secret at no additional cost.

This gift is a collectors' item -- and to get it, all you have to do is use your secret numbers to play any lottery games you choose.

Finally, my friend Joe was satisfied. "That," he said, "is a fair deal and something just about anyone can afford." And he's right.

Act today -- before I change my mind

You are among a limited number of people receiving this letter. I'm not sure when -- or even if -- I'll send another. Personally, I really don't want a whole lot of people to know about this.

The people who manage lotteries don't want this secret to get out either. The minute you have the secret or use your exclusive numbers, you become a threat to every major lottery game.

Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Use your private lottery numbers for three full months. If you're not completely satisfied for any reason whatsoever, just write and tell me. I'll refund your money in full, no questions asked. My friend would want it that way.

Don't lose another minute. Mail the enclosed order form today. Make your check or money order for $15 payable to: Vegas Publications, 17216 Saticoy Street, Suite 140, Van Nuys, CA 91406. A self-addressed envelope is enclosed for your convenience.


Tony Lobianco Trusted Friend

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